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Burnley® Baffles


Burnley® Baffles are an international patented dust suppression device especially designed to reduce the escape of dust from dump hoppers and chutes handling dry granular bulk raw materials such as grains and ores.  A typical Burnley Baffle installation consists of a set of baffle modules that fill the open inlet face of a hopper. In many cases the baffles are installed directly below the grizzly. Each module contains a set of blades that pivot to allow the material to flow through and into the hopper. The dust generated from the material falling into the hopper cannot escape because the hopper is only open where the material is entering. An 75% to 80% reduction in the size of dust collector and fan is achievable with the use of Burnley Baffles.

Bat Booth (Personnel Dedusting Booth)


Fine dust can be a health hazard to workers, particularly when the dust contains known carcinogens or silica. Research has shown that dusty clothing can elevate a worker’s exposure to dust 10 times that of a worker in clean clothing.

Many methods using vacuum or compressed air hoses are commonly used to clean workers’ clothes. These methods are slow, ineffective and do not contain the dust when dislodged from workers’ clothes. The Mideco Bat Booth uses low pressure compressed air to blow dust off a worker’s clothing while capturing the dust using a dust collector to contain airborne dust. The process takes only 10 seconds and tests have shown 50% improvement in dust removed from clothes over other methods.

The Bat Booth is supplied completely assembled on a skid base. Once on site, compressed air and power connections are all that is required to be fully operational.